Restructuring of Loans

In need for Restructuring of Loans?

Restructuring of Loans

  • The specialized Consultants of ecan consultants undertake the professional restructuring of business and personal loans from banks.
  • You shouldn’t proceed with restructuring of your loans for any reason and undertake to pay a monthly instalment you may not be able to pay, before you study the “profitability” and “viability” of your business.
  • Only when your business is led to profitability or has an indication, after a professional financial study, that it can become viable and profitable in the near future you should proceed with an arrangement of your loan obligations with your bank!

Professional Reorganisation of Loans

business reorganization

Ecan consultants undertakes to study for you whether your business is viable and profitable

financial restructuring

Ecan consultants undertakes to study if you will be able to pay the monthly instalment and be punctual to the repayment plan you will agree with your bank


Factual explanations as to where your business stands financially TODAY and its abilities of repaying its obligations to the banks, and which direction its activities should take


The negative effects that are possible if you proceed with a wrong and not feasible restructuring of your loans

Discussions with your bank and help with professionally convincing the bank with facts about your proposition of restructuring your loan


Suggestions as to how your loans should be restructured and to be repaid in regard to your mortgages and guarantees, and how the total cost could be reduced