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Mr. Christos D. Christodoulides FCCA


Εcan Christodoulides (Holdings) Ltd and the trading names Ecan Consultants, Ecan Glass Pack, Ecan Melodou honey, Ecan FashionEcan Emporio were founded by Mr. Christos D. Christodoulides FCCA who completed his studies successfully and qualified by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants at the United Kingdom in 1988.

In 1990 he officially acquired the professional qualification ACCA, registered Bookkeeper/Accountant, and became full member of the British Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

In 1995 he acquired the title FCCA (Fellow Chartered Accountant) of the British Association of Chartered Certified accountants.

He worked as a Senior Auditor for two years in the Accountancy profession and as an Executive / Financial accountant for a further year in the UK.

He continued to work as a freelance professional, Specialized Business consultant in the UK for two more years dealing with duties such as Executive/Financial Accountant and as an Internal Auditor, providing services to middle and larger size organisations, thus acquiring valuable experience in managing and developing companies, accountancy, Auditing, Costing, Budget Management, Product Development, Internal control of procedures, Stock control, Human Resource Management and Quality control systems.

In 1990 he returns to Cyprus and founds the Accountancy/Auditing and Consultancy Company, C.D. Christodoulides & Co, servicing mainly small and middle size companies.

The experience he has acquired in the United Kingdom is enhanced by the experience and the knowledge from the local businesses and the local market, as well as from the problems that Cypriot businesses face.

He specializes in the financial needs of businesses, the restructuring and development of companies, the promotion of businesses in Cyprus and abroad, “the constant surveillance” and the materialization of the businesses’ goals (business Coaching).

In 1996 he focuses his activities on specialized consulting services in Cyprus and abroad by founding ecan consultants (he leaves the Accountancy/Auditing   profession).

In 1996 he founds Ecan Christodoulides (Holdings) Ltd.

Parallel to that he founds the commercial business Ecan Fashion, which specializes in high quality fashion accessories. He creates from scratch his own brand of silver jewellery, watches, sun glasses and faux bijoux accessories ecan.

In the beginning he focuses on “Direct” retail sales, and at a later stage he develops the business into a complete system of franchise sales, which is promoted at international franchise fairs.

He then establishes the commercial business Ecan Emporio, which specializes in “selected” and original products.

The aim of this commercial business is to provide the Cypriot market with QUALITY PRODUCTS AT WHOLESALE PRICES.

In addition, he founded the trading company Ecan Glass Pack, specializing in the design and supply of unique glass packaging.

He also founded the trading company Ecan Melodou honey which offers to the Cypriot and global market Cypriot genuine honey, Organic honey, Cypriot and foreign Traditional sweets and jams and not only

At the same time, Mr. Christos D. Christodoulides FCCA studied the European Markets extensively great care. More specifically, he visited countries such as Greece, Bulgaria, Latvia, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain and the United Kingdom.

He also studied extensively the Middle East markets and visited the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Israel.

Furthermore, he studied and visited markets in Asia, such as Bank gong & Chiang-Mai – Thailand, Bombay & Calcutta – India, Honk gong, Guangzhou, Sien Zien, Shanghai, Ningbo City, Fuyang City, Wuxi City & Yiwu – China.

He also visited the United States of America, Canada and Iceland, promoting his own product brand and many other products.