Are you looking for specialized consulting services for your company?

Ecan consultants have been active for 30 years providing specialized consultancy services.


It has been providing help to different kinds of businesses, freelance professionals and private individuals with emphasis on professionalism, punctuality and effectiveness.

By utilizing its academic qualifications and its wide business experience, Ecan’s consultancy team provides specialized services to its customers, offers its customers the potential to evaluate the business opportunities “offered” to them, to minimize the chances of failure of their business, as well as to reduce personal and business risk.

Ecan consultants provide specialized Business Coaching services, Loan Restructuring, Branding, Exports, Imports, Business Promotion, Business Restructuring, Financial Restructuring and Grands – Program Funding services, for which it has many years of significant business experience.

Provision of specialized business consulting & financial advisory services in Cyprus and abroad.

Ecan consultants undertakes to help and practically guide the businessman to “manage”, “check” and reorganize his business with the qualified and specialized Business Consultants and through its own business experience and activities.

The specialized Consultants of ecan consultants undertake the professional restructuring of business and personal loans from banks.

We undertake to study, design and supply your packaging requirements.

Pointing out or finding candidate buyers and/or collaborators based on pre-agreed terms.

Pointing out/Finding suppliers and/or associates from abroad based on pre-agreed terms.

Ecan consultants undertakes to help businesses increase their sales and their market share in their field of business by using specialized, targeted and practical business.

We discover, highlight and advise you on all the necessary cuts that need to be made to put your “finances” on a stable and sustainable basis.

We help you organize your business.