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FAQs – Ecan Consultants

Just call us on 22 357083 or contact us via our email to arrange a mutual convenient meeting.

Afterwards, and when the client has decided to proceed with Ecan Consultants, an “Authorization” letter is prepared by which our client authorizes us to communicate with third parties, e.g., banks, financial institutions, creditors, debtors, etc.

In addition, at the start of your cooperation with Ecan Consultants, we prepare a “letter of cooperation” where the specific actions and objectives that Ecan specialised Consultants undertake to carry out are precisely recorded.

The client should have an idea of the solution / goals they want to achieve, so that Ecan Consultants can focus directly on achieving the specific solution / goals set by the client.

There is an initial charge of €100.00 plus VAT for the first consultation/meeting in which the client has the opportunity to have a first / preliminary professional opinion on the financial issues that concern him.

Of course, Ecan Consultants cannot guarantee that all cases will be 100% resolved or settled, as there may be factors that Ecan Consultants cannot control or predict in advance.

The qualified Ecan Consultants will try to achieve the best possible results for the benefit of the client based on the goals that have been set.

Of course, Ecan Consultants also serves private individuals.

Ecan Consultants offers its services to both physical persons (individuals) and legal persons (companies).

Surely, loan guarantors can be helped by the specialized Ecan Consultants.

The qualified Ecan Consultants will study the parameters of the guarantees given by the clients to third parties as well as the parameters of the pending loan and will explain the position the client is in and what could be the possible options that has the customer to solve or settle the problems that arise.

Here we should point out that in general the guarantors are only responsible for the unsecured part of the loan amount that they are guarantors for.

The experienced and specialized Ecan Consultants can help you decide and come up with the business idea you are interested in, evaluate the profitability of the business you want to do and its viability, find the financing you need and generally help you to start “right”!

The experienced and specialized Ecan Consultants undertake to help small and large family businesses by providing them with reliable and discreet support to deal with the needs of the business and the family.

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