Business promotion

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Business promotion

  • Ecan consultants undertakes to help businesses increase their sales and their market share in their field of business by using specialized, targeted and practical business.
  • Ecan consultants can help businesses increase their revenue and profits by studying and analyzing market competition, analyzing products and services offered by competitors and contribute to the promotion and sale of products and/or services.
  • By providing creative and most improved solutions for achieving results, and by helping with the effective use of the budget available for advertising and promotion, ecan contributes to the achievement of your business’ goals.

Specialised, targeted and practical business services

business reorganization

Study and analysis of the competition in the field you work

Study and analysis of the products and/or services you offer


Research for “new” groups of customers and/or “new” associates for the promotion and sale of the products and/or services of your business

business coach

Study of “new” ways promoting and approaching customers


The organization of your sales

Study and analyze the pricing policy of your business